FGTG Business Solutions is well aware of the importance of developing the economy, creating employment and attracting foreign investment with this fact mentioned, we cannot overlook the mere fact that newly established entities have common difficulty pertaining to their financial stability, FGTG Business Solutions understands this hindrance and therefore assists small developing entities by means of sourcing various founders and sponsors to fund these entities.
Most available funds available in South Africa have their own specific requirements hence FGTG conducts research for its clients and assess the criteria for each fund so as to ensure that the small upcoming entities receive funding.The assistance is not limited to a specific type of industry in which the entity operates
The entity thus have a close relationship with the following founders:

  • Land Bank
  • Isivananda
  • SEFA
  • IDC
  • NIC
  • NEF
  • IThala Bank
  • DTI

It should be noted that FGTG does not fund small businesses but it serves as a bridge between its clients and founders.