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Book Keeping Services

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  • Assistance in Completing any Form Excl. Pricing
  • Book Keeping (Monthly Service) Full Services
  • Co-Operative Registration Excluding Name Reservation Fee
  • CIDB (New Registrations & Renewable)
  • CSD & Database Registrations
  • EMP 201 or 501 Registration &Submission
  • Letter of Good Standing (Dept. of Labour) Registration
  • Live Stock Registration (Cattle, Sheep, Goat, etc)
  • New Company Registration (PTY) Limited
  • NHBRC Examination Preparation and Registrations
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  • Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Registration & Constitution
  • Non-Profit Organisation Constitution Verification
  • Non Profit Company (NPC) Registrations
  • Non- Governmental Organisation Registrations (NGO)
  • PAYE Registration (SARS)
  • Registration for U-filling and E-filling
  • SDL Registration (SARS)
  • UIF Registration (DoL)
  • UIF Submission (UI19) Monthly
  • VAT Registration (SARS)
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It is to perform a service to society by providing essential capacity to potential entrepreneurs. We believe that a good service philosophy gives our company an edge over our competitors, hence ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing our reputation.


The business “FGTG Business Solutions” is owned, directed and controlled by black young men (Sipho Hadebe). The youth, handicapped and other disadvantaged peoples are all involved in the business units.

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