Tender Entrepreneur Program (TEP)

Tender-Entrepreneur Program is a program that is designed for the purpose of uplifting SMME’s and gives them the opportunity and privilege to be delivered as active tenders. Every Friday we issue tender bulletins with the following information tender information, invitation to bid from both Government and private sectors, obtaining Tender documents, and quotations forms from both sectors, public and private.

How will you benefit from the TEP?

No more tender opportunities will be missed by you, now will have enough time and comfort to focus on the aspects of your business. You will save money and time seeking Tenders and many more (other services can be available upon your request)

What services do we offer under the TEP?

  • Tender bulletins
  • Business Advisory and Planning (24hrs)
  • Database Registrations (Public and Private sectors)
  • Bookkeeping Services (Monthly)
  • Mentorship
  • Business Compliances
  • Training – Tenders (How to Price a Tender)
  • Taxation Services
  • Tender Application (Assistance)

Some of our training cover following topics

  • What is a Tender
  • How do I Tender?
  • Where do I find tendering information?
  • Where do I find raw materials and equipment?
  • Am I ready to tender?
  • What about tendering together with another business joint venture?
  • What is Sub-Contracting?
  • How do I complete the tender documents?
  • What must I not forget when I’m completing the tender document?
  • How do I price my tender?
  • How can the small business owner benefit from the TEP?
  • Who issues tenders?

How can become a subscriber for TEP?

There is a registration fee of R1300.00 that is once off payment and monthly subscription fee of R550.00

You just downloaded the subscription form Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on our website and complete it then forward back to us within 48hours

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