What is Tender Entrepreneur Programme (TEP)?

TEP is the service that provides all Suppliers and Service Providers the privilege to be delivered active Tenders. Every Friday  we issue the Tender Bulletins with the following information: {tender information, invitation to bids from both Government and Private Sectors, containing dates of site inspections, closing dates, obtaining of Tender documents and quotation forms from both sectors Public and Private.

What Services do we offer under the TEP?

  • Tender Bulletin
  • Business Advices and Planning
  • Database Registrations (Public & Private Sectors)
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Mentorship
  • Submissions of UI19 on a monthly basis.
  • Trainings- Tenders (How to price tender?)
How will you benefit from the TEP?

No more tender opportunities will be missed by you, now you will have enough time and comfort to focus on other aspects of your business. You will save money and time of seeking Tenders and many more (other services can be available upon your request).

Tender Bulletins is sent to you every Friday through the following methods:
  • E-mail in a form of an attachment.

For a nominal monthly subscription of R550.00, our registered users get access to be sent latest tenders. Using our powerful search tools we make sure that relevant tenders are sent to the appropriate supplier on time.

Some of our trainings cover the following topics

  • What is a tender?
  • How do I tender?
  • Where do I find tendering information?
  • Where do I find raw materials and equipment?
  • Am I ready to tender?
  • What about tendering together with another business-joint venture?
  • What is sub-contracting?
  • How do I complete the tender documentation?
  • What must I not forget when I am completing the tender document?
  • How do I price my tender?
  • How can the small business owner benefit from TNS?
  • Who issues tender?

How much does it cost to receive Tender Bulletin from FGTG Business Solutions?

There is a registration fee of R750.00 once off payment and the monthly subscription fee of R550.00.

Prices for MSF
No. Method Monthly       MSF-1 Year
01. E-mail R1300.00 (inclusive of a once off registration fee on the first month) Monthly OR Up Front R7350.00
How can I become a subscriber for TEP?

You just download the subscription form, Memorandum of understanding on our site and complete it then forward it to us as soon as you can.

Remember the Subscription Form must be attached with the following documentations:

  • ID Copies for all the shareholders of a Company.
  • Proof of company registration e.g. Certificate of Incorporation,
  • Proof of payment for Registration Fees as well as the MSF for the first month e.g. R750 for Registrations once off payment and R550 only if you have chosen to receive your Tender Bulletin via E-mail that means your first MSF will be R750 excluding QASM. Thereafter you will pay R550 every month.
  • Proof of physical address from where CC/Company operates.
  • Proof of personal physical address for each Member and Signatories.
How do I pay for this service?

You can subscribe on a month to month or paying Up Front for the period of twelve (12) months through Postal Order or Direct Deposit and fax the proof of payment at 086 2720 245 or e-mail it at info@fgtg.co.za. Please note that we cannot dispatch any Tender Bulletin without the proof of payment.

Should you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0311710850/1 during Office Hours or send email to info@fgtg.co.za. or fax to 086 2720 245.

Click here to download the form